Leavenworth County, Kansas
Surname Index: Aa-Am

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Surname Post Type Date
AARON Query1969-03-23 Obit
AARON Query1975-02-03 Obit
AARON Query1977-06-25 Obit
AARON Query1996-05-13 Obit
AARON Query2002-03-21 Obit
AARON Query2005-08-20 Obit
ABBOTT Query2003-03-15 Query
ABBY Query1963-06-22 Obit
ABELL Query2007-11-29 Query
ADAMS Query1955-01-21 Obit
ADAMS Query1970-01-01 Obit
ADAMS Query1976-05-05 Obit
ADAMS Query1977-01-26 Obit
ADAMS Query1996-07-31 Obit
ADAMS Query1999-07-27 Query
ADAMS Query2000-09-22 Query
ADAMS Query2000-11-29 Obit
ADAMS Query2001-11-01 Obit
ADAMS Query2002-03-28 Query
ADAMS Query2003-03-20 Query
ADAMS Query2006-04-06 Query
ADAMS Query2006-06-26 Query
ADAMS Query2007-10-07 Obit
ADAMSON Query1931-04-02 Obit
ADAMSON Query1951-02-01 Obit
AHRLING Query1994-06-29 Obit
AHRLING Query1997-11-19 Obit
AHRLING Query1998-01-03 Obit
AHRLING Query2005-11-29 Obit
AKERS Query2000-11-03 Obit
AKERS Query2000-12-15 Obit
ALARD Query2001-01-11 Obit
ALEMANG Query1992-01-07 Obit
ALEXANDER Query1931-01-06 Obit
ALEXANDER Query1957-06-07 Obit
ALEXANDER Query1992-05-18 Obit
ALEXANDER Query2001-02-16 Obit
ALEXANDER Query2002-03-25 Obit
ALEXANDER Query2005-08-29 Obit
ALFLEN Query1993-02-08 Obit
ALFORD Query1938-07-26 Obit
ALFORD Query1941-10-17 Obit
ALFORD Query2003-08-24 Obit
ALGER Query1949-07-24 Obit
ALIG Query1933-12-24 Obit
ALIG Query1944-12-19 Obit
ALIG Query1947-12-30 Obit
ALIG Query1948-03-01 Obit
ALIG Query1954-01-12 Obit
ALIG Query1956-08-31 Obit
ALIG Query1973-01-19 Obit
ALIG Query1984-08-30 Obit
ALIG Query1985-05-11 Obit
ALIG Query1992-10-15 Obit
ALLAN Query1930-03-25 Obit
ALLAN Query1952-06-09 Obit
ALLAN Query2005-09-21 Obit
ALLEN Query0000-00-00 Obit
ALLEN Query1923-05-09 Obit
ALLEN Query1971-01-09 Obit
ALLEN Query1973-10-26 Obit
ALLEN Query1986-01-12 Obit
ALLEN Query1986-05-10 Obit
ALLEN Query1994-10-23 Obit
ALLEN Query1996-03-23 Obit
ALLEN Query1996-07-31 Obit
ALLEN Query1999-02-23 Query
ALLEN Query2000-06-11 Query
ALLEN Query2001-06-03 Obit
ALLEN Query2001-07-22 Obit
ALLEN Query2001-09-18 Query
ALLEN Query2001-09-28 Obit
ALLEN Query2005-03-09 Obit
ALLINGTON Query1964-07-05 Obit
ALLIS Query1997-04-17 Query
ALLISON Query1998-05-11 Query
ALLISON Query2007-11-05 Obit
ALLSBURY Query1939-02-11 Obit
ALLYN Query2001-06-19 Query
ALMON Query1946-07-04 Obit
ALMON Query1946-07-04 Obit
ALSTON Query1967-01-26 Obit
ALSTON Query1974-10-09 Obit
ALSTON Query1979-09-13 Obit
ALYEA Query2000-05-22 Obit
AMBROSE Query2000-08-22 Query
AMBROSE Query2004-05-13 Query
AMEND Query1982-02-19 Obit
AMER Query1999-04-11 Obit
AMES Query2000-07-25 Query
AMOS Query2008-03-06 Obit

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