Kentuckiana Genealogy
Surname Index: A

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Surname Post Type Date
-SWANNER Query1998-03-05
ABBOTT Query1998-10-18
ABEL Query1998-01-22
ACKERS Query1998-07-08
ADAMSON Query1997-10-30
ADER Query1998-07-08
ADERS Query1998-07-08
ADKINS Query1998-05-11
ADKISSON Query1998-07-21
ADKISSON Query1999-01-13
ADKISSON Query1999-01-13
ALBIN Query1998-04-10
ALCORN Query1999-02-11
ALEXANDER Query1998-01-28
ALEXANDER Query1998-04-02
ALEXANDER Query1998-04-02
ALEXANDER Query1998-12-22
ALLEN Query1998-03-05
ALLEN Query1998-08-08
ALLEN Query1998-10-10
ALLEN Query1998-10-18
ALLEN Query1999-02-11
ALTMYER Query1998-08-08
AMER Query1997-11-15
AMER Query1997-12-30
AMMONS Query1999-02-11
AND Query1997-12-30
AND Query1998-03-25
AND Query1998-03-25
AND Query1998-03-25
AND Query1998-05-11
AND Surname Registration1998-06-21
AND Query1998-07-08
AND Query1998-10-18
AND Query1999-01-13
AND Query1999-02-11
AND Query1999-02-11
AND Query1999-02-11
ANDERSON Surname Registration1997-12-03
ANDERSON Query1998-04-10
ANDRES Query1997-10-30
ANDRIN Query1998-01-19
ANGELL Query1998-01-22
APPLEGATE Query1997-10-30
APPLEGATE Query1998-03-05
APPLEGATE Query1998-05-23
APPLEGATE Query1999-01-13
APPLEGATE Query1999-01-13
APPLEGATE Query1999-01-13
APPLEGATE Query1999-01-13
APPLEGATE Query1999-02-11
APR Query1998-05-23
APR Query1998-05-23
ARCHIBALD Query1997-08-30
ARE Surname Registration1998-06-21
AREHART Surname Registration1998-03-25
ARMES Query1997-11-30
ARMSTRONG Query1998-02-04
ARMSTRONG Query1998-02-18
ARMSTRONG Query1998-05-11
ARMSTRONG Query1998-08-08
ARNOLD Query1998-03-25
ARNOLD Query1998-07-08
ARTH Query1998-04-02
ASHCRAFT Query1998-03-25
ASKINS Query1998-07-21
ASTRY Query1998-07-08
ATER Query1998-07-08
ATERS Query1998-07-08
ATKINS Query1998-03-05
ATKINS Query1998-03-25
AVEY Query1998-03-05

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